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Best Cloud Services UK


Centralise your companies data, stored safely and securely for maximum productivity.

Work from anywhere, unchain yourself from the office for true mobile working – whilst always having access to your data.

We work with the top providers in cloud solutions; Microsoft, Google and Dropbox to provide the best cloud storage, backup and collaboration services in the UK.

Cloud Services from Business Guys IT

We are partnered with many of the leading company’s that provide cloud storage and cloud working solutions.

We have implemented a wide range of solutions into hundreds of businesses and we can assess your business needs and advise on the best solution for you.

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What is Cloud storage?

Hosted servers

The cloud is a hosted server that belongs to Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Your data would be saved on these servers.

You leverage these cloud storage services and access your data from their servers.

Data storage and backup

You leverage cloud storage services to access your data from their servers which is all backed up too! 

Safe and secure

Your data is encrypted, safe and secure.

These cloud storage providers invest in security and infrastructure which means its top notch and in 99% of cases it’s far more advanced than an internal setup.

Online apps

It’s not all about data storage!

Cloud services and apps are available such as Microsoft Office Online Apps and Google G Suite Apps.

Microsoft 365 for Business is much more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. It offers many benefits for businesses, assisting growth, saving money to name a few.

We are Microsoft partners and have setup and managed hundreds of Microsoft Office accounts.

Offline access, remote working and sharing 

Offline access

No internet access? No problem!

You can still access your data, as soon as you connect to the internet again your data updates automatically.

Remote working

Remote working is not a problem, you can even access your programs via secure methods over the internet instead of locally on your systems.


You can easily share files or folders at once and share files with us and request files as well.


Using the power of the cloud you can also be working on a document with others anywhere in the world in real time.

Stay connected from anywhere. Bring ideas together faster. Keep everything secure and accessible.

A set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are.

Why choose a cloud storage service?

Cost effective and robust

Cloud storage services are robust and minimise downtime, there is no server to maintain so they offer genuine savings whilst offering greater features.

Additional data backup

With a cloud service your data is constantly backed up, removing some of the issues that traditional solutions pose.

We always recommend a local backup too but by using the cloud to store your data you have an improved data backup plan.

Light on resources

Cloud services enable you to view your entire companies data, without fear of maxing out your computer, mobile device or internal storage.

Reduced costs

Cloud services reduce costs, streamline your business and improve efficiency.

Dropbox for Business is everything your team needs to be productive.

Storage, backing up your files, a central hub for team content, advanced security and sharing controls.

Grows with your business


Cloud services are expandable solutions. As your business develops so does the cloud service ensuring it’s always the correct match for your company.


Have a new staff member start, need more backup space, need some temporary storage for a new project?

Cloud services can be added or removed very quickly as you need them.


Business Guys I.T. are partnered with some of the biggest cloud services providers in the world including Google, Dropbox and AVG.

With this in mind we also have deployed cloud solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, Carbonite and others.

Right solution for you

We always stay impartial and recommend what’s best for you, taking into account our knowledge of product features and your business.