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Eco Agenda

clyk is an ecological-friendly I.T. service company that wants to give back to the environment.

Our motto ‘Better Every Environment’ not only refers to nature it seamlessly extends to your business. The knowledge and expertise we have will help your business grow, just like the trees we plant to celebrate all successes.

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Benefits of Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace

Why switching to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace could be the best solution for your business.Microsoft 365 has gone from strength to strength in recent years due to the benefits detailed in this article and more. We are strongly advocating for...

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Whenever you are back to the office in 2020 or 2021Ensuring that your team have access to the technology that they need when you return to the office is vital to maintain productivity. As most people will start to move back towards shared office...

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Why move to managed services?

Firstly, lets discuss what managed services are....In order for businesses to run efficiently, effectively and to stand out from the competition within their field technology is essential. Businesses rely on networks and IT more than ever and the...

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Just Remember 1Password!

How 1Password has helped us and how it will help your business too.As a society we are constantly evolving and our digital world is increasingly more important than ever. With the ever growing amount of services that we use that require passwords,...

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Chartered Building Surveyors

The Challenge The MD’s from Chartered Building Surveyors realised they were losing business due to missing emails that were never being sent to clients. They were receiving certificate & security errors. Their server was regularly failing &...

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1Password – Free 60 day trial

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen some unprecedented and frightening changes around the world as a result of COVID-19. We’ve watched as events are canceled, travel becomes restricted, and towns (and even countries) go into lockdown. In an effort...

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Construction & Builder

The Challenge  The construction firm had grown in size & had a severely limited IT system. They had no IT infrastructure, no IT network & all their data was only on PC’s - no server or cloud storage. The business owners realised that they...

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Land Agents, Planning & Compensation

The Challenge  The directors from the land agents, planning & compensation consultants really struggled to work from their multiple offices. They were running on a very old email system - POP3 email. This meant that they had to read &...

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Marketing & PR Firm – Case Study

The Challenge  Our client had 25+ staff. With their very outdated email system & lack of shared calendars they were in disarray, unable to  collaborate efficiently. Email was out of sync on each of their devices & also was not backed-up in...

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Professional Services

The Challenge  Our client in the Professional Services sector realised that they were losing far too much time with IT issues that never got resolved with their current provider. Their PC’s were unmanaged with updates not installed, backups not...

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Vehicle Procurement & Management

The Challenge  Our client in the vehicle procurement & fleet management sector regularly worked with a multitude of different suppliers & hundreds of different clients, needing to share data with each of them in a secure manner.  The...

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