Land Agents, Planning & Compensation

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The Challenge 

The directors from the land agents, planning & compensation consultants really struggled to work from their multiple offices.

They were running on a very old email system – POP3 email. This meant that they had to read & delete the same emails on multiple devices & no email was in sync on their multiple devices. They struggled greatly with team collaboration, especially with working across multiple offices.

They knew they needed expert advice to solve their problems & ensure that all their offices could work together efficiently.

The Solution

Understanding their business was the first step to not only solving there IT issues, but to create a solid IT infrastructure; continuously providing the backbone to their business, supporting their growth & expansion.

We established which hardware & software would be most beneficial for their business goals & needs.

We replaced the ageing server with a modern NAS system with mobile apps and remote access to allow working from anywhere which connected all of their offices together.

We migrated 100’s of GB’s of data from each staff members Outlook files, ensuring that all their email data is in one place, protected  backed-up & secure.

The Impact & ROI

Shared calendars have brought a massive boost to productivity & team management.

The business NAS we installed is now storing all of their data & enabled remote access, VPN’s etc. All their data is now in one place, allowing each member of the team to access what they need to, when they need it, from wherever they are.

They now have a well managed, organised business. Google G-Suite has given them all the collaboration tools they need to work efficiently as a team.

Future Plans Moving Forward

Our relationship with our client is a partnership, we still continue to oversee the management of all their IT via our managed IT services, network infrastructure, IT security & offsite secure data backup amongst other IT & Website services.

About Us

We give businesses the peace of mind in knowing that there IT won’t get in the way of their business.

Our project work varies from Email Migrations, Cloud setups, NAS / Server installs, Website development projects & more.

For our managed clients we act as their very own IT department, looking after every aspect of their businesses IT.

Our Services


  • I.T. Support
  • I.T. Security
  • Office 365 & Google G Suite
  • Data Backup
  • Web Development  & Web Hosting
  • Apple Services
  • Networking
  • Software Implementation

Time is precious, don’t waste yours on I.T. issues when your time is better spent on your business.

We run your I.T. You run your business.

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