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Data Backup Stone


It is vital for any business to make sure your data is well protected, ensuring you have multiple copies of your data stored in multiple locations to prevent against data loss.

Planning for data loss eventualities is essential and so is actually putting that plan to the test.

We provide and manage data backup solutions for a wide range of clients in Stone and the local area.

Cloud Services from Business Guys IT

Backup, Backup, Backup is our motto!

We are a very data centric company and ensure that our clients data is protected to very high standards, with data versioning, multi-location backups, regular restoration testing & more.

We always act with data protection laws in mind & take a systemised approach to data storage & data managment.

Data backup from Business Guys IT

Data backup

We offer a range of backup solutions to meet the needs of your business.

We work closely with you to establish what will meet your needs and supply the solution to match.

The large majority of businesses would not be able to carry on if they lost all their data, could yours survive?

Off site backup

Secure offsite backup for ultimate protection.

Our solution features three tiered encryption of data, in transit and at data centre.

We provide an industry leading cloud backup solution where your data is stored in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS.

Disaster planning

Be smart, be ahead – prepare your backup plan before it’s all too late, plan for the worst today.

Disaster planning now will in the event of storage failure or in a data loss situation get your business back working as normal as quickly as possible.

We are serious about backups and can make sure your business keeps going even if the worst did happen. Have a good disaster recovery plan is vital.

Data recovery

For when it’s too late and no backup has been made, we are here to recover your data and get you back to work.

We perform recovery on a wide range of storage media that has been damaged in many different ways. These include accidental deletion, dropped drives, ransomware attacks, fire and water damage.

Data recovery is never the preferred option, data backup is but we are here if the worst does happen.

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