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Managed IT Services

With our Proactive Support & Care Packages for your Business, we prove ourselves every month if you don’t even contact us once.

Our support packages ensure that your business’s I.T. is managed, protected & tested on an ongoing basis.

Cloud Services from Business Guys IT


We Run Your IT. You Run Your Business


We offer fixed price care and support packages to keep your business running smooth allowing you to get on with running your business. We will solve all of your IT Pains!

The Stats


Reported rate increase in data breaches for UK businesses in the past 2 years

Average loss for a UK business per year due to IT downtime


Percentage of UK businesses that fail to protect their data properly

Here’s how your business will be prevented from becoming another statistic:

Secured, managed and monitored.

Your business’s devices will be secured, managed and monitored 24/7 – 365 protecting them from a variety of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Advanced reports

Your business will receive multiple reports of what work we carry out to keep your IT running smoothly, proactively working in the background.

Data Testing

Your data will be tested, restored and reported on regularly. 

Restoration of your data will be done to ensure your business is protected.


IT Risks and Threats are 24/7 Could they kill your business?


Protect your business now, tomorrow is too late!

Start preventing problems now with Managed IT Support.

Prevention Not Cure

Working together we manage the big picture, from security to your data.

The vast majority of faults can be prevented before they even happen, saving everyone time and money whilst gaining predictable IT expenditure.

Let's align our objectives

Unmanaged clients loves us, but hate to call us as it’s costing them.

With managed services you are paying for uptime, we both want the same thing.

Both our packages come with unlimited IT support, either remote, on site or both.


Watching over your business

We prove ourselves every month, even if you don’t contact us once.

Your devices will be monitored 365 days a year for security threats, updates, device health and more. 

We Run Your IT. You Run Your Business.

Every business is at risk

Your business faces multiple challenges; security threats, data retention, standardisation, expansion and more.

Our packages ensure that your business’s IT is managed, protected and tested on a regular basis.