We run your IT, you run your business.

Lets clyk together in partnership


Is your I.T. not growing with your business? Do you need expert advice on the best hardware and cloud solutions for your business? Are you worried about data loss? Do you worry about cyber attacks?

Do you want a stress free solution?

If this sounds like you then we can work in partnership to find the best solutions focusing on value added and your budget. Lets clyk together.


Reported rate increase in data breaches for UK businesses in the past 2 years


Average loss for a UK business per year due to IT downtime


Percentage of UK businesses that fail to protect their data properly

Why do our clients see value in outsourcing their IT support?

Typically, our clients are dynamic businesses who are experts at what they do. They deliver fantastic service to their customers, and they are focused on being the best in their fields. We work with world class businesses in sectors like professional services, engineering and many more.

Whether its software, hardware, infrastructure, or systems integration, our clients all have one thing in common:

They simply want IT systems to work as they should, so that they can get on with doing business.

Common frustrations that our clients had before calling us in:
⚠️ Systems running slowly
⚠️ Different software packages not talking to one another
⚠️ Staff tearing their hair out and complaining about ‘the system’
⚠️ Data stored on individual PCs (several different versions of the truth, leading to confusion)
⚠️ Members of staff clicking on dodgy email links that release viruses
⚠️ Data not regularly or consistently backed up, leading to uncertainty about business continuity should a cyber-attack happen
⚠️ The growing concern that, although the current hardware and software has helped the business grow so far, it is not fit for purpose to achieve future growth plans
With IT that is creaking, groaning, and showing the cracks, the cost to productivity and staff morale is significant enough.
The opportunity cost is even bigger…
…In short, slow systems = slow business growth!
What makes us clyk with our clients? This is what we provide:
✅ A partnership approach, working with side-by-side with clients to ensure that IT does what it’s meant to do
✅ Expert advice on hardware and software, delivered in plain English – no ‘geek speak’
✅ Support with implementation – your staff are fully trained, removing the hassle factor for you and getting productivity moving in the right direction ASAP
✅ Consistency and reliability of data storage and retrieval through the cloud
✅ Automated cloud backups preventing data loss for all your business-critical information
✅ Reduced chance of cyber-attack through enhanced protection and improved staff processes
…and much more besides.

clyk DeskSide

  • Our on-site managed package.

clyk CloudSide

  • Our remote managed package.

clyk Shield

  • Our protect only plan.


To make things easier for you we have clyk-bolt. These bolt on options help to add the services you want at a better cost to you! clyk-bolts. We can tailor a package to suit you, call us today to tailor your package.

clyk bolt - Onboarding

clyk-bolt - SAAS Protect

clyk bolt - SAAS Defence

If your IT is ‘invisible’, it only ever supports your business, it never feels like it’s getting in the way, and you have no concerns about your system’s scalability then you are already completely covered, and you don’t need to even think about engaging third-party support services.

If, however, any of the above challenges (or anything similar) resonate with you, we’d be delighted to have a no pressure, no nonsense, plain English conversation.

Contact us now to discuss your business needs and work in partnership with clyk.

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