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What is managed IT support?

Your own virtual IT department

Support from a REAL person in under 10 minutes.

Advice and tailored support

Taking care of all your devices - patching, updating, protected with 24/7 monitoring

Data backups tested monthly

Monthly reports on IT assets and systems

Plus much more...

Why do our clients come to us?

Why clyk with us?

Who needs managed IT support?

Typically, our clients are dynamic businesses that are experts at what they do. They deliver fantastic service to their customers, & they are focused on being the best in their fields.

We work with world-class businesses in sectors like professional services, engineering & many more.

Whether its software, hardware, infrastructure, or systems integration, our clients all have one thing in common:

They simply want IT systems to work as they should so that they can get on with doing business.

They need their IT to be looked after properly and want to offload to experts and free up their internal teams.

Clyk with our packages

Clyk DeskSide Managed

  • Our on-site managed package.

Clyk CloudSide Managed

  • Our remote managed package.

Clyk Shield

  • Our protect only plan.


To make things easier for you we have clyk-bolt. These bolt on options help to add the services you want at a better cost to you! clyk-bolts. We can tailor a package to suit you, call us today to tailor your package.

Clyk-bolt - Onboarding

Clyk-bolt - SAAS Protect

Clyk-bolt - SAAS Defence

If your IT is ‘invisible’, it only ever supports your business, it never feels like it’s getting in the way, & you have no concerns about your system’s scalability then you are already completely covered, & you don’t need to even think about engaging third-party support services.

If, however, any of the above challenges (or anything similar) resonate with you, we’d be delighted to have a no pressure, no nonsense, plain English conversation.

Contact us now to discuss your business needs & work in partnership with clyk.

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