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Welcome to Clyk

Clyk is an ecological friendly I.T. service company that wants to give back to the environment. Our motto ‘Better Every Environment’ not only refers to nature it seamlessly extends to your business. The knowledge and expertise we have will help your business grow, just like the trees we plant to celebrate all successes. This innovative, collaborative, ethical company will ‘clyk’ with you and your business. We will better every environment, not only for this century but for the next.

Leadership team

We are a great team that cares. The directors, Benjamin and Emma Challinor are very dedicated. Benjamin started the business in 2009. He always had a passion for I.T. and technology and in his own words he “turned an interest and passion into a business.’ He worked really hard and built the business from ad hoc support to a managed service provider for lots of businesses over Staffordshire and Cheshire. Emma joined the business in 2022 after being a teacher in a primary school for ten years, she has bought a creative aspect to the company and was the driving force in the re-brand and was instrumental in creating our super offices. Check out Benjamin, Emma’s or clyk’s LinkedIn – let’s clyk and make a connection.

Benjamin Leo Challinor - Chief Executive Officer

Emma Challinor - Chief Creative Officer

Meet the team

We have a super technical team that will look after your business. If you work for clyk is’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. The team all have a passion for technology and are always on top of their game with the latest tech and I.T. news and software. They enjoy problem solving and finding bespoke approaches to a businesses needs.

One absolutely necessary addition to the team is our beautiful Golden Retriever ‘Vegas’ (Yes it’s because Benjamin and Emma love Las Vegas!) he is a super mascot and enjoys coming to the offices and working with us! He is head of social media as he never fails to get lots of likes and comments! Check out his TikTok

Our aims and vision

To better every environment. We aim to be the number 1 managed service provider based in Staffordshire, serving all of the UK, making all business I.T. work better tailored to specific business needs. We aim to help the environment, we plant trees every time we celebrate success, aiming to plant 1,000+ trees a year 🌳🌲

Our Forest